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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

At Key Society, we live and breathe events, and pre-covid we were knee deep in exploring new places to hold events, planning, and delivering corporate events – and given the past 12 months we’ve had time to reflect on the special place events holds in our hearts.

With that in mind, the question arises: why do we have events? What is it that we love about getting together, travelling, seeing and experiencing new things? Here are our thoughts why….


As humans, we are hardwired for connection; it’s in our DNA and we need human interaction as much as we need food, water and warmth.

During COVID restrictions face-to-face connections has been limited and whilst technology and social media have been great tools have been an absolute “god-send” to connect us and host virtual events and experiences the reality is these tools alone aren’t enough to fulfil our social needs.

Events bring people and communities together. Live experiences are an integral part of our societies and our natural desire to be together will spark an event renaissance (safely of course) in the not too distant future.


Getting out and attending a live event and feeling that sense of community and connection that makes event experiences so worthy of our happiness. It’s a sense of liveliness and excitement that is incomparable to most other moments we experience in the day-to-day work life grind.

However, there is so much more to throwing a successful event than setting up everything and executing a plan. The key is producing an event, people will want to share. Attendees know the difference between a dull event and those that are engaging, compelling, thought provoking and have that “wow” factor. So, you need to ask some questions. What’s your event’s story? What’s the energy you want? What do want the attendees to “takeaway”?


We all have our motivations and reasons for holding events and you may not even realise how important these can be. Events promote a deeper understanding of your product or service, broaden your network, uncover new learnings about your staff or customers and reinforce existing best practices. Done well, they can also be a lot of fun!!

Inspiration is the springboard for creativity and what better way to promote inspiration than by exposing yourself to fresh ideas, exciting projects and new people. Think back to the most impactful events you have attended and what made them motivate, inform and inspire you?? Was it a line up of powerful speakers? Was it the food and beverage serviced?

PROTIP: At a conference or seminar, motivational speakers or these distinctly different sessions are often scheduled right after lunch, as attendees tend to be less engaged straight after a meal and so need something extra-stimulating.


Gone are the days of bad coffee, average food options or yawning your way through a staff development session. Banished are the lazy PowerPoint sides and substandard audio visual. A new era of espresso coffee or craft beer pop up, high-end sound and lighting, and all-encompassing FUN has been ushered in. Done well they can also be a lot of fun and we love watching your vision come to life.

Natalie Young, Event Relationship Director at Key Society

It’s fun… even when it’s hard work, its still fun! Events and travel are always fascinating and it’s so inspiring to see such an array of truly amazing and innovative events the people in our industry create. I consider myself lucky to have attended some amazing events, to be able to travel to unforgettable destinations, experience incredible food and wine and meet so many dedicated likeminded people!

So next time you are planning an event - think of it as an opportunity. An investment in your future and a chance for your team or your customers to learn, grow and have fun with like-minded people. Yes, we are back in full swing and as always will continue to adjust the way we source venues for and deliver conferences, meetings, events and parties based on the advice from local health authorities. Our service still sparkles and our venues partners are still lavish but you will notice changes to room capacities and a range of measures put in place to minimise the risks posed by COVID-19 to ensure the ongoing health, safety and wellbeing of all visitors. Let start planning your next event extravaganza.

Sourcing venues and curating events is more than just our livelihood – it’s our passion. And creating a lasting experience for you and your guests gives us the fuel to keep doing what we do best.


Key Society specialises in venue sourcing, event management and corporate concierge, Australia-wide. We are venue brokers, event curators, planners, task masters and problem solvers. We draw in the best people to work with a spirit of collaboration and excellence to connect people and brands together to unlock your event's potential giving you, and your attendees not just a meaningful experience but an unforgettable one.

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