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Corporate events are high stakes – your business’s reputation is vital and making an impression by choosing the right venue is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event and guest experience.

Key Society provides a venue sourcing service, utilising our broad network Australia-wide of key venues, restaurants and iconic hotels, we will assist with the event procurement process by researching, negotiating and contracting venues for your conferences, meetings and events. By using our know-how, experience and vast network we are best positioned to select and recommend the most suitable location for your event, saving you time, effort and money. Let us help you unlock your event potential. 


Choosing the right venue is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event and guest experience.

We have are focused on one job – finding the right venue at the right price that is available at the right time. By consolidating and centralising venue sourcing with us, we are not only able to increase savings, have better visibility across venues and also mitigate risk, provide policy compliance and duty of care.

Services include

  • Consolidating spend, budget management and cost-saving

  • Contract negotiation and benchmarking 

  • Coordinating site inspections 

  • Budget management, cost-saving and value adds

  • Providing problem-solving resolution concerning contract issues if they arise 

  • Supplier recommendations including team building, florals, styling and audio visual requirements

  • Venue strategy

  • Venue quote and calendar management 

  • Venue value adds  through upgrades and inclusions


event services & suppliers 

Collection of handpicked event suppliers, catering, styling and theming, audio visual & lighting, corporate gifts, transport, security & event staff, entertainment, photography & video production.  

event & project management

From concept to delivery Key Society offers event and conference management, creative and production services, incentives and destination management, venue sourcing, on the day support & coordination services.

let's explore. 

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