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The workforce is changing. So why are more businesses looking to outsource tasks, projects and events to contractors and freelancers to get the job done? Here are a few key compelling reasons why we freelancers are the future of work.

we love what we do

We are passionate about what we do. Our business relies on repeat clients and great relationships. We can’t hide behind anyone else in the team - our name is all over the work. It’s in our best interest to do an exceptional job with every client, every time. We’re serious professionals who genuinely care about what we do. You’ll be bound to benefit from our diverse experience and expertise.

we're flexible

You might be introducing a new product or service, a little understaffed, or running a one-off event. Rather than hiring a full-time employee, or worse, stretching your own teams capacity to absorb the increased workload, work with us. We’re on hand to fulfil project-based or short term business needs. Its a great way to inject a new skill set and expand your team for those short term needs. And just because the project ends, the relationship doesn’t have to. Many companies choose to work with the same freelancers time and time again to build out a strong and trusted support team.

we offer a fresh perspective

Your team might be stuck in a ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’ mentality. It’s normal to adopt business ‘norms’ when you’re engrained in a company, but when innovation is called for, those habits can be hard to shake. we offer a fresh perspective and novel ways of thinking. We can help you fulfil your vision in ways your team can’t perceive. If innovation is on the agenda, we will inject creativity into the team without treading on anyone’s toes.

we’re independent & reliable

Once we have been briefed and handed over everything they need, you can sit back and let them get on with what they do best. We are used to working independently and to a deadline. This frees you up to focus on managing other areas of your business. Another benefit to working with us is you know what you are going to get because the terms and deliverables are clearly laid out at the start of the relationship. Hooray!

working remotely is our norm

No need to set up a computer, go through a lofty onboarding process or meet Dave in accounts. We're ready to go when you are and know how to work Zoom and Microsoft Teams like a pro! It doesn’t mean we are any less productive. We get on with it without the office distractions so you only pay for the time we work on your project.

we’re cost-effective

As a client, you only pay for the time you use or the results you want - not all that time spent on coffee runs or catching up on the latest office goss.

venue sourcing & selection 

Utilising a broad Australia-wide network of key venues and hotels to ultimately find the ideal venue for the right price to match the style of event.

event services & suppliers 

Collection of handpicked event suppliers, catering, styling and theming, audio visual & lighting, corporate gifts, transport, security & event staff, entertainment, photography & video production.  

event & project management 

From concept to delivery Key Society offers event and conference management, creative and production services, incentives and destination management, venue sourcing, on the day support & coordination services.



”I had the pleasure of working with Natalie for over four years at the Australian Turf Club. She is a motivated, innovative and a driven Business Development Manager who has extensive knowledge of the Australian Events and Tourism Industry. Her exceptional ability to create and drive our strategy resulted in a above target revenue result every year. It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Natalie, she is self-motivated, dedicated and methodical in her sales approach and she has an uncanny ability to cultivate strong customer relationships. Natalie earns my highest recommendation and im thrilled to collaborate with her as a Key Society partner.”

Jimmy Busteed, Australian Turf Club

let's connect. 

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