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OUR WORK: Canva for Education Impactful Engagement at BETT UK, London

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Canva, a renowned design and communications platform with a focus on creativity and visual thinking, sought to reintroduce itself to educators and students in a memorable, meaningful, and brand-appropriate way. Canva for Education wanted to make a real connection with attendees at BETT UK, the world's largest education technology event, and raise brand awareness while driving usage of the platform throughout the different levels of education.

Canva partnered with Key Society, to develop an impactful presence at BETT UK that resonates with educators and students. Key Society took a consultative approach, overseeing the entire stand experience, from concept to design, production, and installation.

In partnership with We Are Wonder, (London's leading experiential and exhibition agency), together we embraced Canva's sustainability ethos by reusing preexisting event foundations and utilising 65% of materials from using recycled materials making it the most sustainable Canva event to date. Canva's updated brand palette was incorporated and infused the booth with interactive elements to enhance attendee engagement resulting in being the 9th most visited exhibition stand throughout the event. The overall result was a clean, modern, and inviting setup that maximized footfall, leaving attendees both excited and enlightened.

Canva's presence at BETT UK, executed in collaboration with Key Society, successfully achieved its objectives. The exhibition booth's appealing design and strategic positioning attracted a high number of attendees, generating significant brand awareness and driving interest in Canva. The interactive elements facilitated meaningful engagement and left a lasting impression on visitors.

Through their collaboration with Key Society, Canva created a memorable and brand-appropriate experience at BETT UK. The event showcased Canva's commitment to creativity, accessibility, and sustainability, while effectively engaging with the education community. By leveraging Key Society's expertise and embracing sustainable practices, Canva successfully reintroduced itself to educators and students, positioning its platform as an essential tool for creative learning both inside and outside the classroom.


BETT UK is the world's largest and most pivotal education technology event for Canva for Education globally.


ExCeL London


London, UK


Exhibition Stand and workforce travel and event management


9th/444 most visited exhibition stand

3,000+ leads captured

27 new Educational institutions signed on-site

100+ countries met with Canva

65% of materials were from using recycled materials making it the most sustainable Canva event to date

26% increase in education-related template usage on Canva

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