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CORPORATE HOSPITALITY: Why investing in clients is so important

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Corporate Hospitality much like a business event, creates connections, renews collaborations, solves problems, and sparks lateral thinking; the moments that inspire innovation or improve client relations – which have a tangible positive impact on the bottom line of each business.

With 2021 off to a positive start to the year, companies are now how to best utilize corporate hospitality as a way of investing in their clients to maintain relationships while increasing revenue. By spending quality time with new clients, companies can focus on potential new revenues by providing a soft approach with information about services and products in a casual yet enjoyable (covid safe) environment.

Corporate hospitality is usually held in exclusive, private rooms or reserved seating at sporting event and other major entertainment venues – the AFL, NRL, Rugby Union and motorsports to name a few, however let us not forget about the thrill of watching thoroughbred horses at the races or music concerts. And increasingly, the arts such as the ballet or a theatre production are also proving extremely popular. Considering the competitive environment has become, clients now have more choices available regarding who and how they want to do business; meaning your approach towards investing in the relationship with clients or rewarding staff could make or break vital opportunities for growth, loyalty and profitability.

The benefits of corporate hospitality are plentiful and can create excellent first impressions, build relationships, and potentially improve revenue all whilst having some fun.

We have selected a few key opportunities for you to consider for your next corporate hospitality experience.

PROTIP: Firstly, make sure that your clients are interested in the sport or activity you have selected. Talking to your client and asking questions about what they like will show your genuine interest and allow you to cater an experience to them.

Some questions to consider: Do they follow sport? Do they like AFL, NRL, cricket, or another sport? What team do they support? Do they like attending games, and who do they normally go with? How do they typically spend their weekends? Do they drink alcohol? Do they have dietary requirements? This will give you a better indication of what is the right fit for you and your client to enjoy together.

With so much choice, is it wise to cut corners when it comes to your customers? In short, you can scale back on some things, but corporate hospitality is one of the most remarkable ways to invest in a client. Work perks are very appealing to a client and it will allow them to have a more open mind when it comes to spending money, with you.

For dates, details and dedicated service, contact us directly.


Key Society offers customised event venue sourcing, corporate hospitality and concierge solutions. By providing a personalised service to all our clients, we make sure each and every corporate hospitality and unique entertainment offering not just a meaningful experience but an unforgettable one.

Natalie Young – Key Society

0410 419 904

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