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Benefits of Using A Venue Finder for Corporate Events

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Corporate events are high stakes – your business’s reputation is vital and making an impression by choosing the right venue is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event and guest experience.

It can be extremely time-consuming researching venues, finding the right person to contact, discussing the event requirements, negotiating and chasing proposals. For most, this is complex, exhausting and takes focus away from your day-to-day roles and responsibilities.

Venue finding agencies provide a specialist service to navigate businesses through the venue procurement process to ultimately find the ideal venue for the right price to match the style of event. By using their knowhow, experience and vast network they are best positioned to select and recommend the most suitable location for your event, saving you time, effort and money.

Experience and Knowledge

By utilising a broad Australia-wide network of key venues and hotels, understanding the pros and cons of each and having their finger on the pulse in terms of market conditions, venue finders can leverage this knowledge to source a specialised venue to suit your event requirements.

When considering working with a venue finding agency, through their experience you can benefit from new ideas and perspectives that you and your team may not have considered. Fresh eyes and new blood can bring an existing event or campaign back to life.

Time and Resource Saving

Your time is valuable. In the world of so much choice, it’s easy to get lost in an endless search for new or suitable venues that may or may not be appropriate or even be available. That’s a lot of emails, phone calls and meetings wasted.

Venue finding agencies have established strong relationships over the years and are knowledgeable with the new and unique suppliers, venues and other contacts. This means they have easy and direct access to what you need. Their vast experience means they know the right questions to ask, understand lead times, the challenges that arise and to funnel the key venues directly through to you for consideration, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

Basically, you are presented with the best venue options to suit your unique criteria. The next step is to conduct a site visit of your preferred venues, this can be done on your behalf or alongside you to guide you through the process.

Saves You Money

A venue finder leverages their strong relationships, negotiation abilities and buying power to secure the best rates, packages and inclusions to ultimately provide an opportunity for you to innovate, grow, and rise above your competition.

Providing a comprehensive comparative venue proposal, allows you to compare each venue quickly and easily. A summary of costs and savings are outlined for budgeting purposes and to assist determine your return on investment.

Scalability On Demand

Beyond venue finding, when considering whom you will collaborate with, clients should also consider how they can leverage from this process and engage with other suppliers for “on the day support” or creative and production services through event and project management. By having this support as an additional option, this will alleviate some of the pressures on your business and staff, all while saving you time and money.

To avoid the frustration and stress and time-consuming venue finding process or you have run out of creative ideas, contact a reputable venue finder such a Key Society. As experts it is our job to continuously drill down, analyse and evaluate the requirements of events and successfully secure venues on behalf of our clients.


About Key Society offers customised venue sourcing and event management solutions to accommodate a vast range of corporate events. By providing complete planning and service coordination from conception to delivery, it’s the personalised approach that will unlock your event's potential giving you, and your attendees not just a meaningful experience but an unforgettable one.

Natalie Young – Key Society

0410 419 904

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